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Hi, Good Day
My Name is Rakesh S Katti.
I'm a UX Designer and Developer from Bangalore, India.

My Skills

User Experience Developer is simply just what my role says. But in reality, I would love to explore more and more web technologies that I come across

{ Developer }

Creating websites/ webapps that fits all the screens & browsers.

Munching some JavaScript code.

Building Backend for applications using PHP, .NET or node.JS


Designing the visual components needed for a website like banners, logos, icons, videos etc.

Wireframing the applications for development.


















A responsive website for a startup creating interactive ecommerce catalogs

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Concevoir 2012

Concevoir is a techno cultural fest of computer science branch in my college

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Fusion Charts Live editor

If you are trying to use fusion charts. Here is a demo with Live editor

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IPL7 with D3

I was just trying out D3.js. The IPL rankings this year excited me to this.

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A simple stopwatch with JavaScript and Angular.js

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Excelsheet in JS

Basic excel sheet functionality using pure JavaScript and HTML with Add row, Add column and Sort functionalities

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Concevoir 2013

Concevoir is a techno cultural fest of computer science branch in my college

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Chrome themes for IPL 2012

I just wanted paint my browser with my favorite IPL team colors

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Cloud IDE

Realtime collaborative workspace built using nodejs and hosted on windows azure

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Checkout my LinkedIn profile to view more about my professional experience
You can also follow me on Github to view some of my code.

Coffee shop

Sow your Ideas

Every idea/thought is unique to us. It's like a kid to be nutured with care. Sow your ideas in my brain.

Lets Grind'em

Getting into discussions.. Collaboration.
More brain storming and listing of Ingredients.

Mixing all the ingredients

I'll get my hands soaked in some code. Tearing up PSDs and SASSY stylesheets. Mixing ingredients in a perfect proportion.

Savour the Coffee

The perfect blend of Coffee is ready to serve.

About Me

The web and web technologies are in dynamic acceleration bringing some awesome stuff every moment. I am passionate about web and I love what I do. I work towards bringing my crazy dreams to life. I am a pixel perfectionist, working till the nth moment to make every aspect perfect.

Most of the time I read tech blogs, listen to music or play around with Gadgets. I am a pragmatic programmer adapting newer technologies as I come across.

A good User Experience is branding in users' brain

Outside this wired world I'm a simple, caring and fun loving "human being". I love to hang out with my friends and sometimes play cricket.

I speak fewer words than I code.
I am addicted to caffeine more than beer.

I'm currently working at Madgigs Corp

Recipe for this cup of Coffee: SASS with Bourbon, Icons from icomoon, Fonts : Roboto, Lobster and Stalemate, Charts.js on canvas, Boilerplate, Progress Bars from Bootstrap, Basic PHP, mysql and Angular functionalities.

You can download my latest resume by clicking here

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